About Us


The Brawnstone Security & Investigations team is proud to present our clients with a wide range of security services and training that is geared toward their success. Brawnstone Security is your number one source for security, investigations and training.


Brawnstone's staff is comprised of:

    Police Officers
    Tactical Trainers

    OPOTC Instructors
    Security Specialists
    Medical Trainers
    Law Enforcement Consultants
    Narcotic & Protection K9 Trainers
    NRA Certified Instructors
    Skip Tracers
    Asset Recovery Specialist

    Private Investigators
    Engineers & Technicians


We specialize in:

School & Low income Housing Security
Surveillance Systems

    Alarm Systems & Monitoring
    Law Enforcement Security
    Personal Protection
    Private Investigations

    Custom Security Solutions

    School Security / Terrorist Assessments / Planning

    Civilian CCW Certification
    Security Officer Training & Firearm Certification
    Skip Tracing
    Asset Recovery
    Tactical Training
    Bodyguard Training
    Executive Protective Training
    K9 Narcotic & Protection Training


Basically, we can handle all of your security & training needs including custom “COVERT” programs. If you have any type of security issues or need specialized training please contact us right away.

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